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Rise & Thrive Soil Conditioner 

Rise & Thrive Soil Conditioner is a perfect supplement for the home gardener with a wide range of uses.  Rise & Thrive Soil Conditioner can be easily added into a regular watering schedule following a general application rate and applied directly to the soils of established plants.

Where to use Rise & Thrive Soil Conditioner:

  • Soils (Raised Bed Gardening, Terrariums, Container Gardening for Vegetables and Houseplants, Flower Gardening)

How to use Rise & Thrive Soil Conditioner. (ideal for established plants both indoors and outdoors).

General Application Rate: 20 ml per gal of water

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  • Rise & Thrive Soil Conditioner
    Quart bottle of FishBrew Rise and Thrive soil conditioner. Beneficial plant probiotic microbes for improving home and garden soils.
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