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A brand of natural living soil supplements and fertilizers for the home and garden.

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What fish brew can do...

"I have been using aquaculture waste for 14 years and have tried all the products on the market to restore dirt back to soil. These sweet products are way more potent, viable and diverse in the biological communities and organisms. If you want a biological bump for any plants, these are the only products I recommend."

Leighton Morrison

“I used Fish Brew Bold on my dying tomato, basil and mint plants. It gave my plants the boost of nutrients they needed and my plants came right back to life."

Jackie F.

"It is absolutely amazing how much my houseplants have grown after using Fish Brew Bold for just a few shorts weeks. They are healthier and their colors are more vibrant!"

Jennifer S.

I'm just a hobbyist messing around with a homemade pittmoss mix in my apartment, but the fish brew makes it easy to feel like a pro"

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