What product is the best choice for me?

Fish Brew™ Bold FLO is best suited for use from seed to mature plant in soils, deep-water hydroponic systems, passive hydroponic systems, and semi-hydroponics. Rise & Thrive Soil Conditioner is specially blended for applications on established plants in soils alone. Fish Brew™ Epic FLO is ideal for use in active hydroponic systems, aeroponics or other application methods which rely on administering products via spray nozzles, narrow tubing, or water pumps. Fish Hydrolysate is specifically a fish fertilizer, supplying nutrients including nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorus directly to soils once plants have grown past the seedling stage of development.

What is the difference between plant probiotics, soil conditioners, and fertilizers?

A plant probiotic is made up of living microorganisms such as beneficial bacteria and fungi which have been found to form helpful connections with plants to support healthy growth. Fish Brew™ Bold FLO and Fish Brew™ Epic FLO are our unique plant probiotics which can be used in both soils or hydroponics for germinating seeds through supplementing fully matured plants. 

As a soil conditioner, our Rise & Thrive Soil Conditioner encourages strong plant growth by improving nutrient availability around plant roots specifically in soils. Our soil conditioner is also specially designed for use on plants that have some root foundation to rehabilitate and reinvigorate the microbial microecosytem surrounding the roots in soil.

A fertilizer is used to apply essential nutrients directly to a plant and our Fish Brew™ Hydrolysate is a great example of that. Where our plant probiotics and soil conditioner help plants grow by introducing living microbes, Fish Brew™ Hydrolysate contributes ready-to-use nutrients for plants growing in soil.

Why do you need a plant probiotic or soil conditioner if microorganisms are naturally occurring in the soil?

Every time soil is disrupted from tilling, transplanting, or manual aeration, microbial interactions are broken as the structure of the soil changes. It takes time for soils to adjust and rebound from a complete upheaval of their orientations and dynamics. Instead, supplementing with a liquid plant probiotic or soil conditioner can speed up this adjustment process and restore dead microbes and fragmented symbiotic relationships.

What is the shelf life of Fish Brew products?

We recommend a shelf life of approximately 1 year for our liquid plant probiotics and soil conditioner. 

How do I store Fish Brew products?

Viability is best kept when the products are stored in cool, dry locations. Always remember to shake the product gently before use and do not store diluted products. 

Can I use Fish Brew products with other fertilizers too?

Yes! Fish Brew products are helpful by supplying microbes able to fix nutrients stuck in forms previously unusable by plants and other organisms to their usable forms. We encourage the use of Fish Brew along with salt-based fertilizers for optimal plant growth.

How long until I start seeing results in my plants?

We notice the benefits of our Fish Brew Products in 2 to 3 weeks since first application. However, every species of plant is different and each forms specialized relationships with select microbes at different rates, some plants could show results sooner or later because of that.