About Us

What is Fish Brew?

Fish Brew products are derived from fish excretions and filtered fresh water from our aquaculture farms and trout hatchery located in West Barnstable, Massachusetts, and in Charlestown, New Hampshire. During the process of ensuring a healthy aquatic environment for the fish we raise, we have successfully supported a natural thriving miniature ecosystem of living microorganisms.

We are sustainable...

Our farms are comprised of a natural, artesian spring-fed trout hatchery and a multi-species recirculating aquaculture system (RAS) facility. As part of our ongoing mission to maintain sustainability while providing quality products, we use solar energy as our Cape Cod farm's primary energy source. Our solar array with battery pack storage offsets our grid energy use. We are continuously improving our system by restoring raceways, fish tanks, and improving our water filtration methods. We strive to lower our carbon footprint to best serve our local markets with responsibly raised, high-quality fish.

With sustainability at the forefront of our operations, we have developed a method for collecting, brewing, and bottling the fish waste produced as a variety of natural soil conditioners. From our input of naturally fed artesian wells to our dedication to renewable solar energy and waste recycling, we are closing our production loop and lowering our environmental impact.