Product Profile Page

Fish Brew Bold FLO™ contains a bustling micro-ecosystem of organisms growing in the solid fish excretions. This concentrated soil probiotic is perfect for the avid grower, providing a full spectrum of our beneficial microorganisms and nutrient-rich fish waste. Apply Fish Brew™ Bold FLO to plants at all stages of the growing season from germination to harvest at our recommended mix strengths depending on the stage of growth. The recommended means of applying Fish Brew™ Bold FLO to growing systems are by adding the product directly to soils or by mixing into hydroponic water systems.
Where to use Fish Brew Bold FLO™:
  • Soils
  • Deep-Water Hydroponic System
  • Passive Hydroponc Systems (Kratky Method, Wick Systems)
  • Semi-Hydroponics (using non-soil growing media including coconut coir, clay pellet, perlite, etc.)

Fish Brew Epic FLO™ is our ideal hydroponic growth supplement, containing a thriving network of beneficial microorganisms cultured in nutrient-dense filtered fish excretions. This soil probiotic undergoes fine filtration through 230 microns, removing sizable solids for optimal use in specialized hydroponic growing. This product reaps the benefits of a healthy network of living microorganisms primed for establishing beneficial symbiotic relationships at the roots of plants. The best results using Fish Brew™ Epic FLO are found by directly adding the product to hydroponic water systems or as a foliar spray on lawns.

Where to use Fish Brew Epic FLO™:

  • Active Hydroponic Systems (N.F.T., Drip Irrigation, Ebb and Flow/Flood and Drain Systems)
  • Aeroponics
  • Spray Applications (best for lawns)

Rise & Thrive Soil Conditioner is a perfect supplement for the home gardener with a wide range of uses. To best encourage growth and improve soil fertility for your plants, Rise & Thrive Soil Conditioner is composed of active microorganisms living in concentrated fish excretions ready to apply to soil growing. Rise & Thrive Soil Conditioner can be easily added into a regular watering schedule following a general application rate and applied directly to the soils of established plants that need a boost.

Where to use Rise & Thrive Soil Conditioner:

  • Soils (Raised Bed Gardening, Terrariums, Container Gardening for Vegetables and Houseplants, Flower Gardening)

Fish Brew™ Hydrolysate is a high-quality fertilizer crafted from whole body fish. By utilizing an all-natural enzymatic process, fish are hydrolyzed and broken down in a slow brewing process with the resulting product becoming a concentrated liquid fertilizer with highly bioavailable nutrients your plants and soil will love. Fish Brew™ Hydrolysate contains essential fatty acids, amino acids, vitamins, and oils necessary for robust plant growth and diluted application directly to soil at the base of the plants is recommended.

Where to use Fish Brew™ Hydrolysate:

  • Soils (Raised Bed Gardening, In-Ground Gardening for Vegetables and Flowers)